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The future of the cannabis industry is about finding the right balance between quality and sustainability. The industry has matured, allowing us to become more data driven and look at the impacts of our operations. What we've found is that indoor cultivation is astoundingly wasteful.

Did you know that each pound of indoor cannabis produced uses 2 TONS of CO2? That's almost 10 pounds of pollution for a 1 gram joint.

However, we all love standout quality flower and have a great deal of respect for the cultivators who pioneered highly technical indoor cultivation techniques.

That's why we exclusively partner with farms that utilize the power of the sun combined with modern light control technologies. This allows us to achieve a premium quality flower while being conscious about our carbon footprint.

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Three Tiers of Flower

California Love offers a variety of options under the CA Love Umbrella. The brand is broken up into three tiers of quality: California Love (Classic), California Love Smalls (Value) and California Love Gold (Premium).

No matter which tier it falls under, our pricing is extremely competitive. We believe in reasonable prices and paying it forward to our customers. That's why our MSRP for retailers is never more than $10/g, and sometimes as low as $5/g.

California Love Gold is the cream of the California Love Crop. Packed with terpenes and maximum potency, these buds can range from 22-31% THC with up to 3.2% Terpene Content. Our Gold farmers take every possible step to ensure you feel the Love with each inhalation.

1g | 3.5g | 7g

Average 8th Retail Price: $30-35

California Love (Classic) is the foundation of the California Love Brand. Our initial goal was to raise the standards for a Value ounce and get away from the shakey, small buds that have taken over the market. Our bags come stuffed with high quality, full bodied greenhouse and outdoor buds that pack a punch. All current strains testing above 20% THC.

14g | 28g

Average Oz. (28g) Retail Price: $140-180.

California Love smalls maintain our top-tier flower quality standards, but the goal is to focus on the cannabinoid and terpene content of the jar rather than the shelf-appeal of the flower. When you get down to the atoms, it's all the same flower, so we believe small buds are often the best choice for regular tokers who want to be conscious of their cannabis costs.

3.5g | 7g| 14g

Average Half Oz. (14g) Price: $65-75

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About California Love

Our roots run deep here in California. From our founders to our flower, we take pride in where we come from. Enabled by our facilities and cultivators spread throughout the state, we provide our customers the highest quality cannabis products at the lowest possible prices.

 Founded by a California family who have been involved in California Agriculture for many generations, we at California Love have always strived to use the outstanding natural environment that California provides to lower prices, maintain the highest quality, and guarantee consistency for our customers. We utilize the sun and the finest natural soils, substrates, nutrients and mediums to ensure that the environment is augmented over time rather than destroyed. So roll up a joint with a friend, and Spread the Love!